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Working Toward Zero Tolerance of Domestic Violence in North Carolina

Upcoming Events NCPAT Conference
July 26-28, 2023
Live Webinar

Join us virtually July 26-28, 2023 for the NCPAT Conference. This year’s conference will feature a highly interactive learning experience from the Allies in Change.


  1. Describe how to balance confrontation and support with group members.
  2. Explain how to modify your facilitation style to work effectively with the functional level of the group.
  3. Describe common issues in facilitation including self-disclosure, rule enforcement, counter-transference, and encouraging member-to-member exchanges.
  4. List specific interventions to utilize with common challenging group member styles.
  5. Identify three common drivers of abusive and controlling behavior and how to effectively address each of them.
  6. Explain how use of a check-in board, journals, and a dialogical approach can improve group focus and growth.
  7. Describe multiple new concepts and tools to improve accountability, understanding, and facilitate change in group members.

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